On December 2nd, choose to give HOPE!



She’s been given more than anyone should have to bear. Beatings, rapes, deprivation, humiliation. Followed by more of the same.

And she lived through it all. Hers is a story that’s almost impossible to tell. And it’s one that should be impossible for us to ignore. Having had so much taken from her, she still found a way to hold on to hope. Miraculously her hope was realized and her nightmare of sex trafficking finally ended, but her process of recovery has just begun. Having been rescued, she now begins the journey of rebuilding her life. She has dared to hope. She dreams of the day she can give that same hope to others.

This year on December 2 for “Giving Tuesday,” we ask you to do the same. Give hope to a sex trafficking survivor.

Your financial gift to Second Life of Chattanooga will help survivors of sex trafficking recover their hope, humanity, and future.

Hers is a story of hope restored. This is the business of Second Life of Chattanooga, the business of giving hope. Please join with us on December 2 for this year’s “Giving Tuesday” and give hope to someone whose greatest wish for this holiday season is the gift of hope that brings her freedom and a new life.